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Weaponry Used In The Great War 1914-18
    The Cavalry
Known affectionately to the other branches of the army as the Donkey wallopers, the cavalry is the subject of one of the Great War myths - that they were the first love of High Command but did nothing to help the poor footsloggers. The reality is that on the Western Front they rarely had a chance to act as a mounted mobile force but often fought dismounted as infantry. On the few occasions when they were sent into action on horseback, they often suffered appalling losses. Without them, the crucial First Battle of Ypres - and arguably the war - would probably have been lost. In Egypt and Palestine, the cavalry was the mainstay and battle-winner. You can trace the history and affiliations of every British cavalry unit on the Long, Long Trail.

The Household Cavalry
These were elite regular army regiments that had a traditional role of being the mounted guards of the Monarch.

Regiments in alphabetical order

Composite Regiment
1st and 2nd Life Guards
Royal Horse Guards

The Household Cavalry also formed an infantry unit during the war:
The Household Battalion

The Cavalry Regiments
The backbone of the cavalry of the regular army.

Regiments in alphabetical order
Dragoon Guards

British Lancers
British Lancers

English Cavalry 1916
British Cavalry 1916

Royal Scots Greys
Royal Scots Greys

Cavalry On Front Line
British Cavalry On Front Line
    Cavalry Charge    
    British Cavalry Charge      
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